Tuesday, March 10, 2009

MPV Malaysia

MPV Malaysia is EXORA

SHAH ALAM, 17 February 2009 – PROTON Holdings Berhad has today selected the name EXORA as the name for the country’s first home-grown multi-purpose vehicle (MPV).

Exora was the winning entry of PROTON’s nationwide MPV Naming Contest which was held September last year. The name was a unique entry submitted by 39 entries. The top three winners were selected based on their rationale for the name and original tagline.

Unveiling the name of the MPV in a ceremony held today was PROTON Holdings Berhad Chairman, Dato’ Mohd. Nadzmi bin Mohd. Salleh accompanied by PROTON Holdings Berhad Managing Director, Dato’ Haji Syed Zainal Abidin bin Syed Mohamed Tahir.

Grand prize winner Norsholihan Bt. Abd Eanich, 29 a teacher from Changlun, Kedah won a new Proton MPV while runner-ups, Rashidi Bin Tokiman, 31 from Kluang, Johor and Ros Hamdi Bin Ismail, 25 from Cheras each won a trip for two worth RM15,000 to the United Kingdom.

The month-long contest attracted 251,763 entries from Malaysians from all walks of life, of which 84% were entered through online while 16% through SMS. PROTON also engaged the
services of professional auditor PriceWaterhouseCoopers to ensure that the winner selection process was done transparently.

During the contest, PROTON did not reveal the actual MPV design to the public but instead had described the vehicle as a comfortable vehicle for both driver and passengers with more leg room and luggage space. PROTON promises buyers that the new MPV, a vehicle designed for family, will be affordable, spacious and comfortable.

Speaking at the name announcement event today, Dato’ Haji Syed Zainal expressed that the winning name and its tagline is perfect for the new MPV. “I would like to thank all participants who entered the contest, and am delighted that so many entries were received despite the short period of the contest. This is an indication of Malaysians’ enthusiasm over the vehicle, and we at PROTON are as equally excited. As a vehicle with multiple features, Exora is indeed a perfect name for the MPV.”

The name Exora symbolizes PROTON’s efforts to incorporate many of the best features available in a passenger vehicle into the MPV. The features are designed to meet the needs of
typical Malaysian families. The MPV, which can carry up to seven passengers represents unity and togetherness as well as strong family ties and harmony that Malaysian’s value.

The Exora, scheduled to be launched in April, will be open for booking from Saturday, 21st February 2009 at all 293 Proton Edar and EON sales offices nationwide. It is priced at below RM80,000 and will come in five colours - Genetic Silver, Tranquility Black, Blue Haze, Pyrite Brown and Gaia Blue. Booking fees is set at RM1,000.

“Although this is a whole new market segment for PROTON, we believe that the MPV will fit into our aspiration to build the “right car for the right market at the right price” for all Malaysians. We aim to offer the new MPV with the best features for families, with its style, price and utilization,“ added Dato Haji Syed Zainal.

PROTON, established in 1983, is Malaysia's largest manufacturer of automobiles. With operations in key market centers from UK and Western Europe to the Middle East, and across
South-East Asia and Australasia, PROTON produces cars to suit a range of consumer demands and preferences. The offerings include versatile and reliable four-door family vehicles, two-door hatchbacks for the young-at-heart, luxurious and stylish executive sedans, as well as the worldrenowned sports cars from Lotus.

PROTON’s inception as a key driver of national development has seen the brand accelerate its learning curve through technology transfer with strategic partnerships and technical
collaborations. PROTON cars are now steadily on track to achieving the mission for the future, gearing up to achieve the promise of a marque which builds cars with passion and soul; cars which are a delight to drive and a pleasure to own.

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